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MagConnect Magnetic Mount Only

The Joy Factory

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Product Overview

Product Information

Low profile flush mount with magnetic base featuring spherical ball joints

The MagConnect Magnetic Mount securely attaches to any metal ferrous surface for a robust installation. The lightweight magnetic mount features four powerful rare earth magnets for reliable connection in work environments like manufacturing and warehousing.

Experience effortless tablet attachment and detachment with our MagConnect technology. The mount boasts two spherical ball joints for near-infinite angle adjustments for optimal viewing angles. Transform any temporary installation into a shared workstation, promoting collaboration and productivity. Upgrade your business operations with the reliable, flexible, and convenient MagConnect Magnet Single Arm Mount.

  • Attaches easily to any metal surface for semi-permanent installation
  • Built with spherical ball joints for near-infinite angle adjustment
  • Features MagConnect magnetic connection technology for quick mounting and dismounting with all MagConnect cases
  • Extremely portable
Product Specifications

Mount Specifications
Material: Steel Base, Fiberglass Ball Joint
Weight: 0.89 lbs.
Total Span: 4"
Joints: 1" spherical joint at base x 1, 0.79" spherical joint at tablet connection x 1 
Connection: MagConnect
Base Diameter: 2.75", attaches to ferrous metals

MagConnect Magnetic Mount Only


(No reviews yet) Write a Review