About Sozo

So who is Sozo?

Sozo was essentially birthed out of SOHO Computer Services in 2006, a successful, local, Apple Direct Reseller located in beautiful Victoria, BC.  It was quickly realized that booq, our foundation brand, was drawing nationwide attention!  Booq suggested that we become distributors for Canada for them.  

Well, it grew, and grew, ...and grew!  To the point where we sold off SOHO and focused our entire efforts on Sozo Distributing.  

Lately, with the saturation in this field, we have gone back to our roots and simply are focusing on our main two brands, shedding the others.

Why purchase products from Sozo as a Reseller?

We recognize that you are approached repetitively with products you "should be selling”. As stated above, I too was a reseller for over 25 years and have a good grasp on the inventory challenges you face daily. I have used that experience to grow this business into a culture of support from the products we represent to the services you receive from us. We never want our represented brands to become your burden and will exhibit a hands-on, cooperative approach in delivering just that experience.

Therefore, we at Sozo, view ourselves as an extension to our resellers, as, quite frankly, if you are not successful with our brands, we will not be. We convey that foundation principle to our manufacturer’s as policy. With this joint-venture culture we, including our Vendors, are able to understand, accommodate and support you, our valued partners, with your investment in our lines. 

Why purchase products from Sozo as a Retail Customer?

We are proud to partner with these superb global vendors to allow Canadians to have quick and easy access to these goodies … without the high costs, hassles and requirements of cross-border duties, brokerage fees, delays, etc.

Having this obligation to allow easy access to you, our fellow Canucks, we need to ensure they are indeed accessible.  Canada is very large and sparse and end-users may experience trouble locating our brands and products at stores in their local geographical areas.  We encourage all end-users to support and maintain relationships with their local brick-and-mortar stores if able.  If unable, this is why you can purchase as an end-user as well.

To all concerned, if you know of a product/manufacturer that could benefit from us fulfilling Canadian orders, please let them know and drop us an email at care@sozodistributing.com.