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About Sozo

So who is Sozo?

Sozo grew out of SOHO Computer Services in 2006, a successful, local, Apple Direct Reseller located in beautiful Victoria, BC.  SOHO quickly realized that booq bags, our foundation brand, was drawing nationwide attention from our single storefront!  Booq made the suggestion that we become distributors to Canada for them.  There we have it... Sozo was born!

Well, it grew, and grew, ...and then grew!  To the point where the shareholders made the decision to sell SOHO and focus our entire efforts on Sozo Distributing and handling Booq bags.  Over the following 10 years we brought on brands that were not in Canada but unique and 'elevated' in quality and support.

Unfortunately, with the saturation in this Industry and the degradation of quality and support, we choose to go back to our roots and solely focus on our main three brands; Booq, The Joy Factory and LMP, shedding all others.  Sadly, booq closed it doors in 2018.  The Joy Factory (TJF) grew exponentially and we did not want to scale-up to service the demand (being in Victoria kinda remote too), so TJF retained us to be their "Canadian Rep" to service all Canadian customers!

Sozo now is:

LMP Adapters: exclusive Canadian Distributor

The Joy Factory (TJF): exclusive Canadian Representative


Why resell and support our brands?

We recognize that you are approached repetitively with products you "should be selling”. As stated above, we were resellers for over 25 years and have a good grasp on the inventory and cash-flow challenges you face daily. We have used that experience to grow this business into a culture of support from the products we represent to the services you receive from us. We never want our represented brands to become your burden and will exhibit a hands-on, cooperative approach in delivering just that experience.

Therefore, we at Sozo, view ourselves as an extension to our resellers, as, quite frankly, if you are not successful with our brands; meaning your customers, we will not be. We convey that foundation principle to our manufacturers as policy. With this joint-venture culture we, including our manufacturers, are able to understand, accommodate and support you with your investment in our relationship. 


Why purchase products here?

Our core is to allow Canadians to have quick and easy access to these exclusive brands … without the high costs, hassles and requirements of cross-border duties, brokerage fees, clearing delays and then being surprised by exchange rates!!!

Having this obligation to get these into your hands we need to ensure they are indeed accessible.  Lately, with the shrinking of brick and mortar retail, combined with our dispersed population, it has become necessary to allow you to purchase here. You will not be treated indifferently or like a cold-web-based storefront, we will actually chat with you like your were in a store to help out so feel free to reach out if needed.  We still encourage you to support and maintain relationships with your local stores and tell them about us too!

The products available do include a small sampling of The Joy Factory line when required to facilitate a customer.  Please reach out to discuss any Joy Factory requirement. 

To all concerned:

If you know of a product/manufacturer that could benefit from us fulfilling Canadian orders, please let them know and drop us an email at care@sozodistributing.com.


updated 6 Nov 2023