Kanex USB-C to Standard - B Cable

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Connect a Printer, Scanner, or External Hard Drive to Your new MacBook

Connect your new MacBook to any Standard-B equipped printer or scanner with the Kanex USB-C > Standard-B Cable. The built-in USB 3.0 technology will have you printing and scanning pictures or documents within seconds.

Fast Printing and Scanning

The USB-C > Standard-B Cable comes equipped with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology letting you print or scan images and documents quickly every time.

External Storage Devices

Access and transfer information from an optical drive, floppy drive, or a hard drive that supports Standard-B connectivity. 

What is important about USB-C:

Fast Charging: improved battery life has been around for a while but the big difference is charging rates. While Apple has not released any specific information here, Google’s new Chromebook (Pixel), which has Type C, gets 2 hours of battery life on 15 minutes of charge.

Carrying Your Adapter Everywhere:

We think if Apple wanted you to do that, they would have put it in the computer. The fast charging should allow people more freedom. We see an “in your bag / on the go”, “near the TV” and “at your desk” scenario.

Connect to More

Our line of USB-C connectivity solutions is made with your needs in mind. As we welcome the new USB-C devices, we’ve identified a need to bridge the gap between the old, current and new technologies.

What's Included:

USB-C  > Standard-B Cable

Technical Specifications:

Connector: USB-C  > Standard-B Cable
Color: White
Cable Length: 4 ft. / 1.2M


The new MacBook
Chromebook Pixel
Standard-B devices


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