Our Efforts to Help

Our Efforts to Help

Posted by Bruce Ralphs on 2020 Mar 20th

Unprecedented times require unprecedented measures; a message from the owner of Sozo.

I thought long and hard about how this little business could help. Let’s set aside the personal health costs right now which are most important and I only hope for everyones’ full health.

I have experienced so many turn of events in my almost 40-years of business in this Industry but nothing like the drastic impact this will have on our economy and by relation, all individuals.

Small business has been the primary wealth driver in Canada. Without it, and business being continued, there would be a very, very long recovery that no Government could help mitigate the personal hurt. Sounds very heavy, I know, but one must look at the facts of the depth of impact this pandemic could potentially have for our financial health.

I have watched my reseller partners, some of whom I have known for over 30 years, shut down their stores unselfishly to help our Canadian effort in stopping this crises. They have limited or no income right now to stave off the demands of payables and all are scrambling to drive in remote, online or off-site business. I have been in their shoes as a reseller, but never had to close my stores and I can not imagine the stress and upset they and their staff are in. Most of you reading this may be in similar situation I am sure. I am saddened by that.

However, we must keep going on. That does mean purchasing goods has to continue where able. We are still making sales here but how is this coming to us? …at the expense of our partners because their locations are closed?

So I propose that if you are buying here and want to support your local reseller, please pop their name into the order notes and I will remit to their account 10% of the sale that they can use with use in their future, ongoing purchases. This will basically give them a credit when they purchase our goods for resale to help them get some footing underneath them again.

If you do not have any reseller that you normally do this segment business with, state that too. I will remit to a veterans local establishment here in support of their needs.

My family and I have been very fortunate to have ongoing business in Canada over the years and very grateful for the livelihood. I will continue to amend this business to keep supporting this market as necessary and do what we can to play our part in getting through this together. To this end, all shipments to individuals will have a flat $9.95 fee using Canada Post Expedited Parcel service. We have not raised our pricing even though the dollar has dropped 10% and I will continue to monitor that to further help keep pricing at bay.

All products are physically isolated, no direct exposure to individuals and packed safely for your comfort.

Lastly, I would encourage you to look up the Greek, ancient, full-embodied, historical meaning of our name; Sozo. It’s not some odd or unique marketing name, it is there for a purpose and I hope that it can bring inspiration and hope to you in a meaningful way. We only hope and pray for a fast resolution to this; for us all to collectively emerge on the other side with lessons-learned and positive outcomes, and most importantly health and wellbeing for you and your families.

Thank you for reading this. Bruce Ralphs