[20423] LMP VerticalStand, silver

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With the notebooks becoming as powerful and versatile as most desktop computers, working with your latest MacBook Pro at your work base may be done with the help of a big monitor, a fullsize keyboard and a practical mouse. When you are ready to hit the road, you just grab your MacBook and off you go. 

The LMP VerticalStand not only keeps your desktop organized but it moves your precious notebook out of the way of any harm such as spilled water or other debries. The MacBook stands closed and upright, ready to do its job or to be grabbed when needed at your next meeting. While it is protected, it does its duty even with a closed top. Safe and nice and still effective to use.

The LMP VerticalStand is made out of anodized aluminum and features rubber bumpers so no harm is done while moving the MacBook in and out. There are vent holes crafted in its bottom so the heat can be dissipated effectively away from your notebook. It holds any MacBook from 12″ to 16″. There are two spots with extra holes to mount an LMP Attach Dock for ProStand & VerticalStand with as many as 7 ports (P/N 19092/19095 – sold separately!), transforming your stand into a versatile USB-C docking station.

Elegance and function at your service!