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  • Kanex

    Kanex 2-Port USB Car Charger, 2.1A + 1.0A in Black

    Charge 2 devices on the road with the Kanex 2-Port USB Car Charger.Stay connected and talk longer knowing that if your battery ever runs low, you can just plug the Kanex car charger into any vehicle's power socket and be on your way to a full charge. An...

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  • 3V Lithium Cell CR2032 Battery - 5 Pack

    The Maxell CR2032 Coin Cell Battery is most often used in computers to keep the date and CMOS settings current when the power is off, and is also commonly used in watches, medical instruments, calculators, cameras, office equipment, home electronic...

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  • Kanex

    Sydnee 4-Port USB Charging Station

    4-Port Charging Stationfor Mobile Devices With Sydnee at your desk, you can recharge up to 4 smartphones, tablets, e-readers or MP3 players simultaneously.  Each individual USB port pumps out 2.1-amps/10W of power for quick charging. Recharge...

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