MagConnect Headrest Mount Only by The Joy Factory [MMU106]

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Product Information

Carbon Fiber Headrest Mount

The Headrest Mount for tablets attaches easily to most standard headrest poles so that you can swivel the tablet anywhere you like, even between the front seats. The tablet mount can be attached to the middle or top section of the poles without affecting headrest adjustments. The mountÂ’s MagConnect technology feature makes attaching your MagConnect compatible case simple and easy for a secure connection every time. With the Headrest Mount, mobile workers can collect payments for business transportation or type e-mails during work commutes.  

Operate vehicles in accordance with state and local laws, and refrain from use while driving.

  • Adjusts to any round surface maximum 0.75" and minimum 0.38" 
  • Compatible with headrest poles in a wide range of vehicle makes and models
  • Built with spherical ball joints and a lightweight durable carbon fiber arm for near-infinite angle adjustment
  • Features MagConnect magnetic technology for quick mounting and dismounting
Product Specifications

Mount Specifications
Material: Carbon Fiber 
Weight: 1 lb 
Length: 6" arm x 1 
Total Span: 8.875"
Joints: 0.79" spherical joint at base x 1, 0.79" spherical joint at tablet connection x 1
Connection: MagConnect
Hex Key: 3mm 
Base Specifications: Adjusts to any round surface maximum 0.75" and minimum 0.38"
Mount Load Capacity: Up to 1.5 lbs

MagConnect Headrest Mount Only
1-Year Warranty: we replace directly.
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