MagConnect Clamp Ultra Flex Mount Only by The Joy Factory [MMU125]

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Product Information

Gooseneck Ultra Flex Clamp Mount Only 

The MagConnect Clamp Ultra Flex Mount is the portable and flexible solution for displaying a tablet in any industrial work environment. This mount is perfect for positioning a tablet for Point Of Sale (POS) transactions or for monitoring progress on assembly lines with its flexible single gooseneck arm this mount is versatile and will work in endless scenarios. 

The Clamp Ultra Flex Mount features a high quality gooseneck arm that extends over 26.8". This gooseneck arm is built with a strong and durable metal that is covered in a soft silicone for smooth and easy handling. Once clamped onto a flat surface, the flexible gooseneck arm can be easily positioned and repositioned to near infinite angles. This mount has MagConnect magnetic technology that makes it easily attachable and removable from any MagConnect compatible case. 


  • Fits flat surfaces up to 3.375" thick
  • Built with a single gooseneck arm and spherical ball joints for near-infinite angle adjustment
  • Features MagConnect magnetic connection technology for quick mounting and dismounting with all MagConnect cases
Product Specifications

Mount Specifications 
Material: Gooseneck with Carbon Fiber 
Weight: 2.6 lbs.
Total Span: 32.8125" - 36.1875" 
Joints: 1" spherical joint at base x 1, 0.79" spherical joint at tablet connection x 1
Gooseneck stiffness: Medium
Weight Support: Up to 2 lbs.
Connection: MagConnect 
Base Specifications: Fits flat surfaces up to 3.375" thick

MagConnect Clamp Ultra Flex Mount Only
1-Year Warranty: we replace directly.
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