[17161] LMP USB-C Power Tester Multimeter, USB-C to USB-A current tester (volt, amp & mAH, direction), OLED display

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With the introduction of USB-C (USB Type-C), not only data can be transferred in both directions via the USB port but power can be either distributed to or from the host.

The LMP USB-C Power Tester Multimeter can be used to measure the power flow by showing its direction, the voltage (Volts), current (Amps) and wattage or power consumption over time (mAh). Simply attache the Power Tester Multimeter between the host and the USB-C cable, adapter, dock or device and it will make visible all power data on its OLED screen. It is a great helper for the IT engineers and just about anybody who wants to know where and how much power is flowing between USB-C devices.


  • LMP USB-C Power Tester Multimeter
  • Measures the direction of power, voltage, current and power consumption over time (mAh)
  • OLED screen
  • Plug&Play

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