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Past Features
Featured Product » Lookin’ Smart with Joy!

Lookin’ Smart with Joy!

OK, no copying what the Manufacturer says here; so we (Sozo) are just going tell it like it is!

A few years back The Joy Factory introduced the SmartSuit Series for the iPad 2 along with other folio and case designs.  It quickly became apparent that the SmartSuit sold multiple times stronger than its brothers and sisters.  What more, the resellers that sold these to their customers discovered high customer satisfaction in that they were built with superb materials, very slim, provided more features than competitors (including Apple) and simply never broke down or came back.

Features include a slim and light design, corner protection, all ports and camera assessable, wake/sleep functionality, cover-hold (cover does not flap around under iPad when in use) and sturdy typing elevation and landscape viewing positions.

Time marches on and Apple changes form factors over and over.  Rather than chasing this with a multitude of product designs in an already-saturated segment, Joy responsibly kept with this proven design and even added an extra typing elevation!

So now we have the SmartSuit for the iPad Air 2.  This folio case continues the feature set of the earlier generations but adds that extra typing folio elevation.

Current other models for the iPad Mini, iPad Mini (non retina) and iPad Air  continue in stock with us.  Plus we still have some limited stock on clearance for the older iPad 2-4 generation and the Smartsuit’s cousin the Joyful Wish and Connect the Dots; these basically are the same but use a softer p-leather with some added cover designs.

If you have never dealt with these folio cases, please take a very serious look.  You will be very happy with the sell-through and customer satisfaction.  Contact us for extra incentives for bringing some Joy in your locations!

Special Incentives Available

Feature Date: February 11, 2015


New! SmartSuit Black for Air 2
CSA205B - srp $59.95



New! SmartSuit White/Silver for Air 2
CSA205W - srp $59.95


New! SmartSuit Gold for Air 2
CSA205G - srp $59.95