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Past Features
Featured Product » iKlear is available from Sozo!

iKlear is available from Sozo!

Chances are, when customers think of screen cleaners, they’ll be familiar with iKlear, the World’s best cleaning solution.

When Meridrew introduced iKlear to the market back in the 90′s, they were the first to develop an alcohol- and ammonia-free, eco-friendly and completely non-toxic formula. Quickly, companies such as Apple embraced and endorsed this solution and soon iKlear became a Worldwide success. Over the years, iKlear expanded its cleaning usefulness to include everything from CRT and LCD displays, to computer plastics and metals, to iPods, iPads, eyeglasses, digital cameras, auto windshield, and so on. The clear, clean, silky smooth and non-sticky result that resists everything from dust to fingerprints is easy to apply and pleasing to the touch.

Since then, many competitors have brought their solutions to market to gain marketshare but none have matched iKlear’s performance. Sozo’s founders have had a longstanding relationship with Meridrew since the 90′s (well before Sozo even existed) and is extremely happy to announce that we are adding iKlear to our superb line of products. Sozo is committed to making the entire product line available for Canadians to use and enjoy and we are offering incentives to help you to achieve that goal. Check out our Store-intro Bundle exclusively brought to you by Sozo.

So come join the ranks of clients such as NASA (used for in-flight use on the windows of the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station) and other respected organizations including the FAA, the United States Navy and Air Force, CNN, Honda, Toyota, to name but a few … and bring the superb iKlear experience that will WOW your clients.

Feature Date: July 21, 2016


New! iKlear Cleaning Kit for iPad and iPhone
IK-iPad - srp $14.95


New! 8 oz. iKlear Spray Bottle
IK-8 - srp $18.95


Exclusive! Special Intro Bundle for Stores!
IK-Sozo -