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NICE! #3

Welcome to our Spring NICE! blast!  The intent is to neatly introduce you to our New Impressive Computing Essentials; or remind you of Needed Indispensable Computer Extras. hehe.  Either way, you get the idea? NICE!

So please, relax, and take a read over this sunny springtime edition.  Register at our new store see your reseller costs.  Let us know anytime, anyway we can help.  Remember, it may not be the traditional model that may serve the opportunity; so let’s be creative with this stuff!  That’s what Sozo’s about!

LMP USB-C Safety Adapters

This small, elegant device goes between your USB-C power cord and your laptop, or attached hub. Thanks to its magnetic safety connection, accidental pulls or drops of your laptop due to sudden strain on power cord can be widely prevented. The magnetic safety connector disconnects harmlessly if someone trips over the cord or pulls on it sharply. The older MacBooks had their MagSafe, this is basically the same. Ingenious yet so simple; silver or space gray.

LMP USB-C Safety Cables

As above, however, these incorporate a 1.8m or 3m cable that protects from sudden pulls on the power cord potentially hurting your laptop or device.

LMP USB-C Compact Dock

8-port, sleek, 4K resolution for up to two 4K displays from your MacBook Pro! Plus fast Gigabit Ethernet and two USB 3.0 ports (one with 1.5A power delivery to charge your iPhone or iPad) all the while passing AC power through to keep your laptop charging! Along with the SD and microSD card reader, it makes the Compact Dock a versatile dock for just about any task!

The LMP USB-C Compact Dock is the most powerful USB-C attachable docking station on the market with Thunderbolt-like features at an unbeatable cost-value ratio. The aluminum design in two colors matches perfectly with the new MacBook Pro 13″ or 15″ (2016/2017) and dissipates the evolving heat. The rubber feet on the back side prevent the USB-C ports from strain. The Compact Dock is specifically made for the new generation of MacBook Pro 13“ and 15“ with two/four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

…from time-to-time, as new or popular products warrant, we will blast out this nice little newsletter that will include 3 items from our wonderful manufacturers.  Sozo continues to refine its quality products to practical and distinctive offerings that separate us from the normal distribution channel.  The end-goal is to ensure that your customers are one seriously satisfied group.  Together, with this joint-venture attitude, we will provide great solutions that enhance your relationship with your customer.


Feature Date: March 14, 2018

17086 17219

New! LMP USB-C Magnetic Safety Adapter
17086 17219 - srp $39.99

17083 17216  17466 17463

New! LMP USB-C Magnetic Safety cables 1.8 m
17083 17216 17466 17463 - From $44.99 (srp)

17278 17113

New! LMP USB-C 8-Port Compact Docks
17278 17113 - srp $139.99

17278 17113