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Past Features

ISOTONER smarTouch Gloves ON SALE NOW!

As we launch into November through April in our Great Nation it’s time to keep fingers warm.  Why stock your shelves with generic gloves when the ISOTONER smarTouch 2.0 gloves are now on sale.  Act quickly to grab remaining styles and sizes for the year.

3 styles8 colours each of 3 sizes, put an end to the drab, one-size-fits-all world with a truly personal touch and a Canadian-experienced product.

The thumb, middle, and index fingers have a special conductive thread that works seamlessly with touchscreen devices, allowing for pinpoint accuracy.

ISOTONER smarTouch 2.0 Tech Stretch and Matrix Nylon Gloves feature stretch fleece sidewalls for flexibility, a partial gather in back, and a jersey palm with silicone grip to better hold your touchscreen device. Fleece Lined.

ISOTONER smarTouch 2.0 Fleece Glove with Cuff is made of stretch fleece material and is also water-repellent. It fashions one vertical draw with a fleece cuff and jersey palm with a convenient silicon diamond grip for easy handling a touchscreen device.

All are compatible with most touchscreen devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, ATM’s, gas pumps and GPS devices).

ISOTONER has high brand recognition and is known for legendary quality, fit and warmth.

Order now snag the remaining stock of gloves for this Season!

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Feature Date: October 31, 2014


New! ISOTONER smarTouch 2.0 Tech Stretch Gloves
56611 - srp $33.99


New! ISOTONER smarTouch 2.0 Matrix Nylon Gloves
56612 - srp $33.99


New! ISOTONER smarTouch 2.0 Fleece Glove with Cuff
79442 - srp $31.99