NEW Summer Sand Sale


Don’t let the sun set on this opportunity!  Due to a hidden system error some trucks dumped piles of booq ‘sand’ on us!  Containing these sand dunes is quite a task!  So, as we sifted through these piles of sand we thought to offer a sale to help us bring down the mounds until we reach our normal levels again.

Therefore, receive a 20% instant rebate OFF the pricing you see on the site with your order!  Don’t delay as this is for limited quantities.

VSL11″ and 13″ Sleeves;    MSL11″ Sleeves;   11 and 13″ Mamba courier Messengers;   iPad and iPhone cases

Enjoy the sun and summer and also prepare for Back-to-School with some spectacular savings on booq!

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Past Features
Featured Product » Product Highlights, what we use in the office:

Product Highlights, what we use in the office:

What better position can there be to talk about features of products you sell than when you use them yourself? In this follow-up to our last highlight I will talk about the products we use daily in our offices rather than in home or travel.

On our desks you will find Just Mobile’s elegant aluminum Xtand Pro supporting our laptops. This solid, stylish stand not only looks the part for aluminum-bodied MacBooks but is strong enough to type on (will not bounce). Two levels allow for a better angle for direct typing or, as I use it, the higher level elevating it to match the height of a second display and simply ergonomically more comfortable. We also use Joy’s Mounts for our iPads. If you have not used one of these you will be astounded by the strength, ease and flexibility of use of these mounts. One can have mounts for many applications and simply pop the iPad from mount to mount using their innovative, integrated MagConnect connector.

An awesome keyboard!  This full-sized bluetooth keyboard allows on-the-fly switching between devices with the touch of a button. Just pair your device and start toggling between a computer, a tablet or phone…. anything that has Bluetooth and can use a keyboard.  The Multi-Sync Keyboard was designed specifically for easy navigation of all your Apple devices.  Includes Mac/iOS multimedia shortcut keys for instant access to Mission Control and Launchpad as well as a Home button for your iPhone/iPad.  This is the perfect solution for convenience in using a MacBook Pro, an iPad and an Apple TV like I do in my home office!  This can also be cabled with the included USB cable to even use in a fourth application.

On all our desks sits the excellent SMK Calculator/Keypad. This bluetooth wireless keypad is not only a needed addition for us but, we think, the best option out there. It is solidly made and wakes then communicates with no lag or missed characters. Having that device also incorporates a standard calculator is brilliant in that you need not have another calculator kicking about on your desk. You can even do calculations the ‘send’ the result to the computer with the press of a button. SMK has been making input devices for years and their quality and experience in this is very, very evident. This keypad works for both Mac and PC.

Other than the plethora of cabling, adapters and hubs we use from Kanex to help our daily connections that’s really about it in the Office.  Kanex has superb-quality and fully compliant cabling for all your connection requirements…and more!

To review last highlight’s products we use out’n’about simply click this sentence.

Thanks for your business and Happy and Healthy Spring from allis here at Sozo.

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Feature Date: March 31, 2014


Exclusive! Xtand Pro
ST-200 - Starting at $89.95 (srp)


Joy Mounts for all applications
MMA1 - Starting at $89.95 (srp)


New! Multi-sync Bluetooth, Full-size Keyboard
BTKey - srp $79.95


Exclusive! Bluetooth Keypad/Calculator
VP6273 - srp $64.95


Kanex Connectors, Hubs and Adapters
Kanex - From $19.99 (srp)