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Past Features
Featured Product » Kanex new Connections!

Kanex new Connections!

We’ve all come to appreciate Kanex and their commitment to quality Mac adapters. They’ve recently come out with some pretty nifty products to expand upon the usefulness of your devices and we all are pretty impressed. First up: Lightning cables.

Lightning is the connector for recent iPhones and iPads.  It’s an 8-Pin, smaller connector that is much more convenient to use than the 30-pin dock connector previously used by iOS devices.  It’s reversible so allows you to plug it in without making sure it’s right-side up too!  Wait, there’s more; the .5M and 1M lengths use the smaller connector to ensure fit with many cases that impede most other cables!  Of course, Kanex’s cable are Apple MFi Certified and use the best materials to ensure quality.  Resellers are reporting their customers prefer these over original Apple ones!  White and Black finish too!

Expansion and connectivity can be a bit of an issue these days with laptops getting smaller with fewer options on board.  Kanex has wonderful products to help this especially if you have a work area with pre-existing things to connect.  SimpleDock is a great solution by expanding a USB connection on your Laptop to 3 Superspeed USB Ports, a GigaBit Ethernet Port PLUS charging/syncing your device with 2.1A power.  All while managing cables neatly!  Great Video here!

DualRole is another great idea:  the DualRole is a perfect companion for MacBook users who need additional USB 3.0 ports for instant connection to peripherals and to connect to a secure wired network using Gigabit Ethernet simultaneously.  DualRole lets you connect and expand various USB peripherals with up to 3-additional USB 3 SuperSpeed ports. Ideal for travel and road warriors.  Kinda like the SimpleDock above but with no built-in valet for your phone.

Lots of Neat New Stuff is here now from Kanex.  To match their new lightning offerings they have new Car Adapters  that even come bundled with cables if you like.  Also, they have new equally-nicely crafted 30-pin Dock Cables for the older iOS devises.  Even some premium quality and designed Battery Chargers too!

So stock up with Kanex and offer the most versatility for your Apple products from this great brand!

Feature Date: September 25, 2014


New! Lightning Cables
K8PIN - Starting at $19.95 (srp)


New! SimpleDock
USB3DOCK - srp $129.95


New Price! DualRole
USB3GBIT3X - srp $74.99